This house has been through so many renovations and rebuilds that there are doors which now lead to nowhere but a concrete wall. There’s even one in my bedroom which I haven’t bothered to remove until today. You see, last night, someone knocked on it.



We can’t all get what we want. For instance, I’d prefer that the thing in my basement not watch me in my sleep, but that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.



I see things other people can’t see. But that means those things can see me, too.



My wife has changed radically since we got married. Certainly, she’s not the same woman I buried.



I have always had extreme claustrophobia, which is exactly why I specifically asked to be cremated. I should have known that my family was not going to follow through, and now I’m stuck here in this stupid coffin.



R.H. Stevens

R.H. Stevens is the founder of Instilled and the author of the Z-Verse series. She is a full-time graphic designer and illustrator and enjoys travelling and spending time with friends from around the world.

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