If you can’t do something right,” He said, pulling the bloody knife out of his throat and flinging it at me contemptuously. “Then don’t do it at all!”



Even with the TV switched off and power cable pulled out of its socket, I could still see the crowd of demonic faces through the screen, staring at me.



For weeks, we’d been walking around in circles in the woods without seeing another group. When we found the cabin, we were excited, until we found the corpses hanging inside.



She swam furiously against the current of flood water, face pressed up close to the ceiling where a thin gap of air still remained. It was then that she realised something which froze her heart: when she’d called emergency services, she’d given them the wrong address.



The surgeon watched as his patient began to lie still, limbs paralysed and breathing even. The surgeon smiled. “You are still aware, yes? I think we’ll skip the anesthetic for today.”



R.H. Stevens

R.H. Stevens is the founder of Instilled and the author of the Z-Verse series. She is a full-time graphic designer and illustrator and enjoys travelling and spending time with friends from around the world.

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