Bad timing is when your husband calls you when you’re in the middle of a romantic date. Seriously bad timing is when it’s the tenth anniversary since his death.



Showbiz wasn’t new to me, but I hadn’t expected that my last film was going to be in the snuff category.



I’m noticing new wrinkles forming every day. I’d love to get one of those special face masks so I can spruce myself up a bit. Trouble is, though, that the family slaughterhouse is a four hour drive away and tourist season this year has been slow.



People these days think tooth fairies go for the teeth under their kid’s pillow. When I was a kid, folks knew that those fairies wanted the ones still in your mouth.



He ended up cutting off his own hand to escape the cuffs. It was only afterwards, when he finally found the door, did he realise he need two hands to open it.



R.H. Stevens

R.H. Stevens is the founder of Instilled and the author of the Z-Verse series. She is a full-time graphic designer and illustrator and enjoys travelling and spending time with friends from around the world.

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