R.H. Stevens


R.H. Stevens was born in New Zealand and following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree left to work as a designer and illustrator in China, Vietnam, Australia and beyond. She founded Instilled as a way to help other aspiring authors have their work published in a curated space, as well as develop some experience managing a busy online publication.

Jordan Head

Creative Lead/Social Media Manager

Jordan Head is an aspiring illustrator and comic artist from Brisbane, Australia. He is developing his first series Degenerate. Passionate about everything creative, Jordan hopes to make Instilled a home for himself and other artists to share and promote their work. He also has an interest in connecting authors and illustrators to create new and inspiring content.

Your face here?

Creative lead/something more?

We’re looking for other writers and illustrators who are interested in becoming regular contributors to Instilled and helping us make it even better. If you’re an aspiring author, we want to hear from you.

Our creative team look for, and always trying to achieve:

Original Ideas

We like people who have a strong vision about the kind of work they are creating and can self-initiate their projects.

Artistic Talent

The team at Instilled and our readers appreciate technical understanding and a distinct illustrative and writing style.


Because everyone works hard to keep Instilled up-to-date, it’s important for our core team to have a great work ethic.


Perhaps more than anything else, we value those folks who cheer other people on and can contribute lots of positive energy!

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