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If you’d like to contribute a piece to Instilled magazine, please kindly e-mail directly with the subject line ‘SUBMISSION: (title of your work here)‘. Please provide your document in .doc format with any illustrations, video or music links also attached to the e-mail.

Unlike many other online publications we very much want to achieve a high-standard in our works and would love to help your pieces reach the same level. In order to facilitate this, please do read through the submission guidelines on this page for our recommended best practices which will help your work be looked upon more favourably.

As Instilled currently updates every fortnight, we kindly ask that you allow up to two weeks for a response and up to four to see your edited work posted.

Can I have illustrations in my work?
We’d love to see your work accompany your story. Please ensure that your illustrations are your own or that you have permission to submit them to us. We also create illustrations/matte-paintings to accompany works that have no pictures already. As Instilled is an illustrated online magazine it is rare that we’ll allow for work to stand without any images at all – speak to our Editor if you want your post to be text-only. We do have some minimum standards in regards to images which are submitted and reserve the right not to publish images we feel are short of these quality expectations.
I want to remove my post
If you want to withdraw or need to edit your post from Instilled please get in touch with us. We’re a small team operating as hobbyists so try to avoid submitting work you’re not happy with. We can’t provide exact timeframes as to when your work will be removed from the site.
I want to create an e-book
Get in touch with our editor to discuss ebook design and publishing options we can offer you.
How much do I get paid?

We’re a hobbyist group, so we cannot offer compensation at this time. If you want to monetize your work we’d suggest submitting to a more established magazine or speaking with us about ebook design, publishing and e-commerce solutions we can help you with.

I want to be a staff contributor
If you want to write for Instilled regularly, we’d love to have you aboard. Please get in touch with the editor to discuss your work, schedule and skills.

Submission Guidelines (as of 30/12/2017)

Sending through your work: Use the subject line ‘SUBMISSION: (The title of your piece goes here)’. Send your written work in a Word .doc file along with any of your own illustrations you’d like to include. For illustrations or media not your own, we ask that you also indicate evidence that the original artist has given their permission for you to use their work or provide attribution information for royalty-free materials.


In your e-mail, please also let us know:


Author Name: Let us know your name and the pen-name you would like for us to use when publishing on the site.


Author E-mail Address: Your contactable e-mail address for the purposes of communicating with you about your submitted piece.


Author Website/Portfolio blog (if any): If you have a website or social media account you’d like for us to link back to, we’re happy to do so.


Story Title: The title of your story here.


Category: Which category you think your story would be best suited for. We like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance and action/adventure but are open to works from many other genres. Instilled does not accept biographical, news or pornographic pieces.


Word Count: Please indicate the total amount of words in your piece. We prefer from 350 – 2000 words in length. If you would like to submit a chaptered work/long-format story, please indicate in the text where a chapter break is located and what the title of the chapter is. Chapters will be uploaded fortnightly in keeping with our current update schedule.


Bio: Feel free to include a small biography with your piece so that readers can learn a little more about you.


Has your work been published elsewhere?: We’d appreciate it if you let us know when and where the piece has been published before (we do give preference to unpublished pieces).


Grammar, punctuation and so on: Checking your work before sending it to us will help speed up the process.


Payment: We’re a free magazine and probably will stay that way for some time. If you are looking for revenue we recommend submitting your work through a monetized online magazine or speaking with our Editor about e-commerce and ebook solutions we can create for you.

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